it's a sad day...
Published on December 20, 2004 By -OZZY- In Personal Computing
these are the final words from the guys at suprnova !!
times they are changing !

Greetings everybody,
As you have probably noticed, we have often had downtimes. This was because it was so hard to keep this site up!
But now we are sorry to inform you all, that SuprNova is closing down for good in the way that we all know it.
We do not know if SuprNova is going to return, but it is certainly not going to be hosting any more torrent links.
We are very sorry for this, but there was no other way, we have tried everything.
Thank you all that helped us, by donating mirrors or something else, by uploading and seeding files, by helping people out on IRC and on forum, by spreading the word about
It is a sad day for all of us!
Please visit every once in a while to get the latest news on what is happening and if there is anything new to report on.
As we wish to maintain the nice comunity that we created, we are keppig forums and irc servers open.
Thank you all and Goodbye!
sloncek & the rest of the SuprNova Team

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on Dec 21, 2004
Ok don't leave us hangin...what does turning the glass upside down suggest?

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on Dec 21, 2004
Jafo may leave us hangin', but we've still got Google
on Dec 21, 2004
Colourful story...but not uncommon...
on Dec 21, 2004
No there's no fighting here... Just trying to push the envelope a bit.
For folks that are curious, Slashdot has more coverage on SuprNovas' Closing.
I am sure that is like preaching to the Quire though, as anyone that is anyone
checks Slash with great frequency, not to mention as well.
on Dec 21, 2004
Choir.....Spell checker
on Dec 21, 2004
ozzy to use that avatar on a family site is in bad taste ...
on Dec 22, 2004
Now you tell me... Dang, I was over at Webster, and about drove myself nuts trying to figure out (Choir), for some unearthly reason, it would not come to me (senility, I think.) Quior kept coming to mind and that has to do with 4 folded paper, and it wasn't making any sense, and it was latin, so I got to thinking (first mistake) and convinced myself it was right somehow.
on Dec 22, 2004
i don't even know if he has enough fingers to extend his middle one !!
if it really is that disturbing i will change it !!
but only if the guys at WC really think it is necessary !!
You all wanna know what is really bad taste.....the news every day !!
you should all worry about that and not some stupid avatar (not stupid to me)
i understand this is a family site but i doubt little children come here, my guess is they have better things to do then read forums....BTW there are enough wallpapers or screenshots on this site with titles like blood or something worse in it or naked guess is everybody who comes here is old enoug 2 see everything
on this site
on Dec 22, 2004
oh and another thing...i just seen something even more offensive
the west coast chopper bootskin. The symbol was used by nazis
and still is and i hear nobody complain about that !!!
if you don't believe me look for nazi symbols on the net.
i wanted to post an image or link but it seemed wise not to !!
on Dec 22, 2004

OZZY ....that is not a is a Prussian Iron Cross ....dates back well before Nazism....about 100 years before.

You'll find it used frequently in symbolism in Heavy Metal bands/ Black Sabbath, etc....


on Dec 22, 2004
i know all that Jafo and i know it's not a swastika !!
i'm saying that it was and still is used by nazis
so people might be offended !!
so since this is a family site the real issue is where do you
draw the line ?!?
you're probably thinking this is a private site so i draw the line
where i want to !! but you shouldn't forget you also have paying
customers who should have a little more saying !!
which brings me to my next question....what are the methods of
paying to become a's like 19.95$ but i live in
holland so i use euros, so it will be even less in euros (last time
i checked they are worth more than dollars)
on Dec 22, 2004
Yeah, but there's also exchange tarifs and crap. Unless you have a credit card, best forget about it.

craeonics activates mod mode

Anyhow, this middle finger debate is ridiculous. The kids of this world are going to stuble across Ozzy's icon and say to their parents: "look ma, what a funny drawing". Then mom comes along, looks at it and says: "oh no, little Timmie, that drawing is making a naughty gesture. You can't visit this site no more and are grounded for the rest of the year". And in the end, little Timmie will grow up to be a murderer and rapist because of it. Now Ozzy, do want to be responsible for that?

Argh, "petty" would be the word for discussions as these. "Pixelxxxx" would be another one, but that'll probably get blanked out to protect little Timmie.

Back on topic, boys and girls.

Then again, I can't recall ever seeing anything legal on SuprNova... Which means we're discussing warez here, which, if I recall correctly, was a cardinal sin.
on Dec 22, 2004

You were right, you know you would be....

Little Timmie is protected once more, only to grow up into a serial murderer [but his neighbours will say 'he was a nice little boy, too']...

on Dec 22, 2004
on Dec 22, 2004
this better or still not ok ???