it's a sad day...
Published on December 20, 2004 By -OZZY- In Personal Computing
these are the final words from the guys at suprnova !!
times they are changing !

Greetings everybody,
As you have probably noticed, we have often had downtimes. This was because it was so hard to keep this site up!
But now we are sorry to inform you all, that SuprNova is closing down for good in the way that we all know it.
We do not know if SuprNova is going to return, but it is certainly not going to be hosting any more torrent links.
We are very sorry for this, but there was no other way, we have tried everything.
Thank you all that helped us, by donating mirrors or something else, by uploading and seeding files, by helping people out on IRC and on forum, by spreading the word about
It is a sad day for all of us!
Please visit every once in a while to get the latest news on what is happening and if there is anything new to report on.
As we wish to maintain the nice comunity that we created, we are keppig forums and irc servers open.
Thank you all and Goodbye!
sloncek & the rest of the SuprNova Team

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on Dec 20, 2004
Oh, diddums....
on Dec 20, 2004
thats to bad... I really enjoyed the site...
on Dec 20, 2004

whatta drag

on Dec 20, 2004
Ah well, sites don't live forever. Have to dredge up my warez elsewhere then, eh?
on Dec 21, 2004
I'd be sad about that...except that I couldn't care less about warez sites. With luck, they'll ALL fold.

btw, you REALLY need to change your avatar
on Dec 21, 2004
why should i change my avatar ??
i heard nobody complain about it !!!
nobody but you !!
on Dec 21, 2004
CygnusXII  those links posted by you facilitate warez distribution more than their claimed legitimate purpose so they have been removed.....
on Dec 21, 2004
I do not understand why I would need to edit the links I made?
I am not linking to Copyrighted Materials. I am linking to Torrent sites.
Torrents are used for moving many types of content, one of them being
IP Infringement, but there are valid uses as well. I am not condoning illicit
Warez, or pointing to them.
I am not shooting the messenger because of the message.
Nor promoting the use of torrents, in an unseemly fashion.
I am aware of the Elephant in the room, though.
If you want to take this discussion, beyond
the message board, feel free to send me an email me.
If there is a valid reason as to why I should remove these links,
please feel free to explain them to me,and if I have violated some rule,
I will remove them. This thread in and of itself,
suprised me, by being here.
on Dec 21, 2004

CygnusXII I know exactly what Astalavista is. reserves the right to determine what links will and will not be hosted by it.

Describe them at your not link.

on Dec 21, 2004
no fighting plz.......!!!
i know you're all sad because suprnova is gone
but it's not worth losing a friend over it !!
on Dec 21, 2004

Citizen -OZZY-  CygnusXII and myself have been around long enough to know when each of us is 'fighting' or dramas here....

BTW.... #1 was sarcasm...

on Dec 21, 2004
i understand jafo.....i was only joking
and keep up the sarcasm........i like it
on Dec 21, 2004
BTW Jafo what did digital tucker...uhm trucker meant by
"you REALLY need to change your avatar"
what is wrong with it........i know i'm not a van gogh
but i like it !!
on Dec 21, 2004
Might be because it looks like the fella in the pic is "flipping the bird"
on Dec 21, 2004

Snow is some circles an extended middle finger is highly offensive as a gesture.

It probably would be better if you 'altered' it a little.

Example of 'offensive gesture'....go into a pub in Australia...enter the bar...and turn your glass upside-down on the counter.

I'll phone for the ambulance....