Published on December 16, 2004 By -OZZY- In OS Customization
is there anyone who can teach me or tell me where to learn some
basic scriptwriting for desktopx widgets ?!!?
i really want to make some cool widgets but don't know how 2 !!
thx !!

on Dec 16, 2004
Have you tried reading the guides. This could be a start.
on Dec 16, 2004 way i will ever learn that !!!
on Dec 16, 2004
Eh, it's not that hard to poke at original scripts, and with that you can learn how to write your own eventually. Seriously, I reckon a good scripter could teach scriping to just about anyone and in a week they'd be doing their own stuff - maybe they wouldn't know all the commands, but they could know how to do loops and use variables properly and the like. Of course most people don't have a week to spend teaching you scripting! You can learn it on your own, though, it just takes a bit longer.
on Dec 16, 2004
i figured i needed to learn myself like everything else.....
oh well......gotta sit down for that some time and make a lot of
coffee and have plenty 2 smoke.........and if i fail i'll submit
another post....
thx reaper